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X is an app that let's users with low literacy skills communicate with the rest of the world through imagery and the help of an assistant.


Clickable prototype available here.

Senior Thesis: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3

Programs used — Illustrator, Sketch, Marvel & Photoshop

Role — Concept, Visual Design, Interaction & User Experience

Index Card Communication

Index Card Communication

This index card food order is a symbol of confidence and overcoming a language barrier for someone who cannot communicate on their own without some sort of assistance. My uncle who came from El Salvador 20 years ago never learned to read or write in his own language. Now that he lives in an English-speaking country, he struggles with low literacy and functioning where a language barrier is present.This index card is a temporary solution to a common everyday problem in his life and is an example of how creative we’ve had to become to help him communicate.This everyday occurrence in my life inspired my thesis journey.

Perspective App Screens Mock-Up.jpg


-Targets the Admin who are loved ones of people with illiteracy.

-Walks through the setup process of the main interface and how to set up each user profile to best help the dependent distinguish between the two profiles.

Admin Set Up Interface

Admin Set Up Interface

-Empty state showing no categories have been defined for the dependent's personalized language.

-The Admin has a view of how the dependent's interface looks like on their end. 

Dependent Interface

Dependent Interface

-The interface on the side dependent is simple and easy to use in order to help them complete a task or order items at a restaurant,coffee shop,store etc. This is done through limiting the amount of interactions need to complete this process.

-All the user gets to do on their end, is tap tiles to play pre-recorded audio that the admin has created for the dependent based on their daily activities and need.

-When the dependent finishes picking their item they will be prompted to a modal containing the image of their final selection with the pre-recorded phrase. This can be anything from, "I would like a bagel with cream cheese,please" to "Where is the bus to New York." The user can dismiss this modal or confirm to show the audio button that contains their message.

X-User Journey